The Importance of Office Plants

Imagine a workspace so pleasant, you actually enjoyed being in the space!

What do indoor plants mean to your office space? To us, it means more than just plants. Our designers and landscapers create entire indoor environments that stimulate the senses. In doing so, we make your people and your customers feel great. 

Business have long realized that the physical environment directly affects an employee’s ability and desire to work. There is a growing awareness among businesses that interior and office plants have major benefits for the workplace. The majority of Fortune 500 companies have landscaped their office interiors — boosting morale, building employee contentment and promoting productivity.

Interior Flowering Rotations

Orchid-in-Bianco_edited-1Orchids and Bromeliads should be a part of your interior color rotations within your office environments. Through our color/blooming plant rotation program, we can provide you with interior seasonal color that lends sophistication and an air of prosperity to your company’s atmosphere.

These elegant displays warm the hard surfaces of modern interior spaces and make people feel welcome. Blooming plants add value to your commercial space, too.

Green Walls

Green walls are living, sustainable vertical gardens that make a dramatic and impactful statement on customers, clients and employees. The experts at the Plant Peddler can install a living green wall on just about any structure, both interior and exterior, and expertly maintain it. A green wall’s beauty and sustainable put it at the forefront of current interior and exterior commercial, public, government, retail and corporate design. 

Green walls are innovative and self-sufficient vertical gardens that make a dramatic statement.

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